How to publish your writing in a literary magazine

Once you’ve been writing for a bit, you’ll probably think: hey, why don’t I send my work out so I can call myself a published writer? 

You can certainly do that. It isn’t easy. But what great accomplishment is? Okay, so maybe your getting published isn’t like creating a new vaccine, but it’s something notable. You want to entertain the masses and if you can do that, you’ll be saving the world in a small, but important way: you’ll help keep people out of trouble. 

These then, are the suggestions: 

1. Write something good so an editor wants to publish it.
2. Write something great so an editor can’t resist publishing it.
3. Send your work to the appropriate editor at the literary journal.
4. Send out multiple submissions. 
5. Send out many more multiple submissions. 
6. Don’t even think about submitting to The New Yorker. 
7. Keep writing. 
8. Keep submitting your work. 
9. Dont give in to discouragement. 
10. Keep writing.

About suggestion 6., just in case you’re wondering: It’s swell for you to have great ambition and who am I to begrudge you of a dream? However, if you’re just beginning to send your work out, it’s safe to say that publishing anything in The New Yorker would be a bit of a stretch. Save the stamp. If you really want to submit there, try their weekly Cartoon Caption Contest. Fun. And no stamps required. 

Getting published is no great mystery. All you have to do is write great sentences. 

That’s it. Now go write.