This is us:

simple chain of acid
solid, substantial
& yet so obtuse

our DNA
precedes us
before the beginning

before boys & girls drank
holy glasses of liquid stars
under moonlit skies
then made drunken love

boys & girls key & turn
locking graceful to become
a precise twined double helix
chained together forever
& apart for eternity

growing a fiery human heart
from dusty nothingness
& breathing love

this code of life
written in the akashic records
somewhere are lists of us
of nucleotide chains
of genes & chromosomes
& all the genetic codes
fingerprint maps of what
we will one day become:
hero, fool, monk,
prophet or poet

our DNA
droplet of light
carves the path
before us
for every thought we will think
for every word we will speak
for every prayer we will pray
until our ashes trace back
riding windy echoes
across the skies